Fun day tomorrow!

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Fun day tomorrow!

We are celebrating DS 5th birthday tomorrow and I have been busy getting everything together. His themes are getting harder and harder each year. LOL! This year is Transformers! I do cookies instead of goody bags so I decided to make the cookies myself this time. Biggest pain in the butt!! They came out ok...not really thrilled over my icing job. Tomorrow should be fun though. We are having a pool party at my parents house and expecting lots of family and friends. Here are some photos of his cake, cookies, and HUGE pinata.




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Everything looks awesome! Have lots of fun tomorrow, and be sure to post tons of pics! Happy birthday, Stephen!

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that has to be the biggest pinata I've ever seen! Have fun Smile

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Everything looks great! Have a blast tomorrow!

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Wow that's a HUGE pinata! I hope you guys have a great day tomorrow! We're going to need pics :).

Happy Birthday Stephen!

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My MIL orders his pinata from the same lady every year and I swear they get bigger and bigger every year. I can't imagine how big it will be next year. LOL!

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Here is a link to the photos. This is the public link so I don't think you have to have a facebook to view them! We had so much fun yesterday, but it was HOT!!

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Looks like big fun!

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that pinata is huge!!!!!! the cake and cookies look great!!!!!