Funny and cute picture!!

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Funny and cute picture!!

My sister took pics at DS T-Ball game yesterday and she just happened to capture this photo of him. I love that DH is in the background giving him a thumbs up! LOL! It was just too funny to not share!

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too funny!

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ROFL :busted2:

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OMG, love it! This is blackmail for his wedding someday.. or at least to scare future girl friends Wink

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Love it! Way too cute!

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Dad:Thumbs up on scratching your butt son!!

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haha, perfect!

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I told DH that if he ever becomes a professional baseball player, he will hate this picture. LOL!

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hahahahahha that's way too funny!

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Hee hee! Thanks for sharing! ROFL

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LOL too cute! He's going to hate this one in a few years!

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I agree with Karen... LOL !!

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omg that's adorable. you definitely need to save that one away for a slideshow one day