Gillian's 2 month appt

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Gillian's 2 month appt

She's now 9lb14oz, and 21 3/4 inches, so small but beautifully proportioned. Took her vaccinations like a champ, and is currentlt sleeping in my arms Smile

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AAwwww, she sounds so perfect! Way to go, baby girl! Smile

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Awe! Smile Glad her appointment went well. Sophia slept all day after her vax. It was nice to get a little break just to do laundry. LOL!

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so little! Glad her appt. went well!

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Glad things went well!

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Glad she's doing well :). She's just slightly bigger than Caleb was at birth :).

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glad her appt went well...

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Sounds like she is doing wonderfully!