Gillian's Birth Story

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Gillian's Birth Story

On Sept 28, my mom and mil were over spending time with dd. I decided to have a nap, and as soon as I laid down, contractions started becoming more intense, and period-like. I got up and tried walking around the house, drinking water, and they just slowly got more intense and closer together. We decided that my mom would go home and have a shower, and my fil would come join mil to watch Annabelle. In triage, they checked my and I was 3 1/2, where they would normally send my home, but with my history of very fast labour, they decided to keep me.

My hospital's policy is that if your bmi places you in the obese category (above 35), you have no choice but to have continous monitering - my bmi was 35.4. But the room had telemetry, so I wasn't tied to the bed. My dr came in to check me an hour later, and I had progressed to just over a 4. Because of the position that Gillian was in, we were having a very hard time keeping her on the moniter, so after a discussion, we decided to break my water to place an internal moniter to allow me to have other options than on my back. My water was broken at 11pm.

Within 30 minutes, the contractions were hard enough to keep me on my hands and knees in the bed. At 1am, the nurse checked me, and thought I was a 10, but when the dr checked me, I was a 5. At 145, things went crazy as I hit transition. The dr had confirmed that I was still at 5, and 5 contractions later, I told the nurse that I felt like I needed to take a crap. She checked me, and not only was I complete, Gillian's head was already past my cervix.

They got me to pant as they paged the dr, and as soon as she was in the room, I started to push. They got me to push as gently as possible to avoid having her come too fast. Her head was delivered on the 1st push, and she was crying at that point. The rest of her body came in only three more pushes.

Gillian Rose was born at 215 am on Sept 29, weighing 6lb, 8oz, and measuring 19 3/4 inches. She's nursing like a champ, my milk is already in. I'm feeling great, one small tear from her hand being by her face.

And now for a few pics Smile

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What a great birth story! My DD came out with her hand by her face, too. Gillian is just precious! Congratulations again

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Wonderful birthstory. She is beautiful.

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Wow! That's an amazing story! Look how tiny and precious she is. I can't believe so many babies were born before the October 1 mark. Congrats and enjoy finally getting to hold your sweet LO.

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:lurk: Congratulations! What a wonderful story, glad everything went so well. Smile

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WTG momma and welcome miss Gillian!! such great pics!!!

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Congrats! She is beautiful

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She is gorgeous, she looks like her Mama! what a wonderful birth story, how lucky are you to have such quick births! Congrats again!

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Wow that WAS fast! Glad you and baby are both doing well!

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Congrats!! Awesome work, Momma! She is a beauty! Can't wait for siblings pics!! Biggrin

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Wow, she already looks like Annabelle! TFS, great birthstory, it sounds like things went pretty smoothly! congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!

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She's just beautiful! What a terrific birth story! I'm so happy for you!