Glucose test results

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Glucose test results

My glucose test came back normal, but turns out I'm anemic. I kind of figured I was because I'm always craving red meat and been really tired lately. I now have to take iron supplements. I was anemic with DS, but didn't have to take anything for it so I guess it's much worse this time. At least I don't have GD though, yay!!

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Yay for the GD regular results! I'm sure you'll be feeling much better with the iron supplements, too Smile

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I had my test yesterday at my appt. OB said he'd have my results at my next appt in 2 weeks.......hoping I don't have it.....never have before.

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Congrats on passing! I hope the iron supplements make you feel better!

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Yay for passing the GD screening! Hopefully the iron will help you feel better quickly!