Got our car seat!!

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Got our car seat!!

So I had a $10 off for every $50 you spend on a car seat at Babies R Us so we decided to go ahead and get Little Dude his new seat.

We were torn between the Graco SnugRide 35 and the Chicco KeyFit 30. Went with the KeyFit 30 because I kept hearing great things about them and a friend of mine knows a car seat tech and he said that he could always get a better fit in my kind of car with a Chicco than a Graco.

I'm so excited!! This is our first major purchase for him and it's making it feel SO much more real!!

We got this one:

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Oh nice! I've heard great things about this seat, secure fit into cars, baby is snug and it won't fit into the seat of shopping carts (which is super unsafe!).

Is that color more orangey or red?

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More orange.

The not fitting into shopping carts is a HUGE complaint with it for a lot of people, but I was never able to do that with DD's Graco anyway. I mean, I physically could get it to go into the shopping cart, but I'm only like 5'3"-5'4" anyway, so when the infant carrier was in the shopping cart I couldn't see where I was going lol So obviously that's a totally moot point for me Biggrin

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Cute seat! I always put DD's Graco seat in the shopping cart.. and at 5'2", it was a challenge seeing over / around it!

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Cute seat!

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I have a friend that had twins and she was able to fit 2 of the key fits and a toddler seat in the back seat of her vehicle. I think they are a great seat and I really love the orange.

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love it!!

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We got one of these from family this weekend! I do feel that this is a big step in getting ready for baby.

Our is green and brown, but I do like the orangey one, too.

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I used a Chicco KeyFit with DS!! Loved it! Great choice!!

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Cute Seat.