Great 1st prenatal appt.!

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Great 1st prenatal appt.!

The midwife was extremely nice and encouraged me to ask questions. Other than the boring PAP and bloodwork, she listened with a doppler and we found the heartbeat for a bit! It was hard since I'm only 10 weeks tomorrow but there it was, such a sweet sound! 160ish she said. My uterus is tilted upward nicely, which was a big help. I'm so excited that everything is going so well and that tomorrow my embryo will officially be a fetus! I can't wait for my uterus to start growing so I can feel the bump!

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congrats! sounds like a perfect appt. Glad you got to hear the hb Smile yay for our "fetus's" he he he

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What a great apt!! I am glad you got to hear the HB!!!

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What a great appt! Happy you got to hear the hb!

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10 weeks is so exciting, isn't it? I can hardly wait for the next 2-3 weeks to pass by so I can really start feeling my belly and also so I can reveal the good news on facebook finally!

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"sweetusagi" wrote:

10 weeks is so exciting, isn't it?

yes!!! 10 is a very lovely number, its really starting to feel "real"

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Hurray for a strong heartbeat!

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That's awesome! So glad you had a great apt!

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Soo glad you got to hear the heartbeat via doppler! We haven't been able to get mine to show up on the doppler... So we've had to resort to ultrasounds. And I'm by no means complaining about that! I love seeing my baby! Congrats on the great 1st apt!!

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Awe well your pic looks great! Sorry your baby is shy of the doppler though!

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Congrats on a great appointment! 160 is nice and strong Smile and YAY for 10 weeks!!

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How exciting you got to hear the HB! :woohoo:

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yay for the HB !!!!

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congrats on the heartbeat! that's really great. and yay for 10 weeks. it is starting to feel real. Biggrin