great sono today

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great sono today

Not only did dh get to go, but the kids also!

Aisley is 4lbs 3oz, fattest cheeks!

She is head down, all the way down! Ready for labor! The tech didn't think she could go any lower!

Hb was 163 and she has super long legs and is measuring a week ahead.

Oh, and walking is so hard! She must have dropped yesterday because it feels like my pelvic bone is being ripped, and the pressure is ridiculous.

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That's fantastic! Hopefully she stays head down, and the pelvic pain eases up.

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Sounds fantastic!

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Great news for baby! I'm sorry that you have to deal with the pelvic pain, though.

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Good news! Although it's be nice if she'd move a bit higher for a while huh? Smile

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good news!!