Had an appt today

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Had an appt today

Everything went well! I'm sure I overwhelmed the Dr. with all of my questions and then was able to provide HORRIBLE info, such a bad patient. 1 lb weight gain, WOOHOO! This past weekend I've been starting to get LOTS of contractions, but figured the were BH. Baby is also moving like crazy, so maybe it's just her stretching and tightening things up. Then I mention the crazy pressure and the fact I couldn't walk for awhile while shopping at walmart and same thing at work Sat, took away my breath for about 30 sec. So Dr. summed it all up, Walmart and work were real contractions... everything else doesn't really matter. So she did an exam and cervix is showing NO changes whatsoever, so we are in great shape! Baby is measuring just a little big (1 week ahead), and she is head down like I expected. Overall, I feel that we learned a lot about what I've been experiencing. We have a game plan for the next 2 weeks of me counting ONLY real contractions. We live 1.5 hours from the hospital so I try to make sure I completely understand what is going. Plus I'm a control-freak.

FYI- My dr. did recommend for me to get the flu shot BEFORE delivery, so the baby would have some immunity. I work with the public and am exposed to it daily, so I def need it. Just her opinion.

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Sounds like a great appt and yikes about the contractions! It sounds like we are all starting to gear up for labor. Great news that your cervix has not started changing though. These babies need to stop being so impatient. Smile

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Sounds like you were thorough! That's a Good thing. They'd rather you asked 'too many' questions. Sorry to hear about your painful contractions :/ I've had a couple myself, so I understand. I also plan to get the flu shot before I give birth. I figure any immunity I can pass on is better than none!

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Sounds like a great appt. Hopefully no more real contractions until full term.

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I have "real" contractions early and often too, coupled with loads of pressure. I have with all 3 pregnancies, but they don't change my cervix so I just do my best to ignore them. It sure stinks though! Especially once you get to term and every day you wonder if something is happening!

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That's great to be armed with that knowledge! Good for you for asking all of those questions and more importantly remembering them once the dr got in there!!! That's interesting about the flu shot! Makes sense!