Had a prenatal app't today and I'm still sick!

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Had a prenatal app't today and I'm still sick!

Saw my doctor today and my urine is still "raging with infection and protein" as my doctor called it. I have to drive all the way back (an hour drive each way to see my doctor) on Monday for another urine test and now I have to start seeing an OB next week since I've had preterm labour and severe SPD. (I wasn't supposed to start going until August). The braxton hicks/cramps pretty much stopped late last night but they've returned again this afternoon. It seems whenever I get busy and go out and do things my uterus gets super annoyed Sad Other than that everything is okay.

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I'm glad everything is okay but BOO to having to go back because of an infection :/ get better soon!

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Hope your infection clears up soon!

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Yuck! I hope that they can get this infection cleared up. Good luck!

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Hope they get this infection cleared up soon!

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I hope you get this cleared up soon! Those BH's SUCK!!! I was down with them last weekend and now I'm doing everything possible to prevent them!

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once you get rid of the infection, the pre-term stuff should calm down. Infection can start labor like that.