Half Way!

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Half Way!

Just noticed on my ticker that I am half way through my pregnancy!!!! Yahoo

Time has just flown by, and I have been so busy. I calculated my due date as Oct 2nd when I first got pregnant, but they moved it up to Sept. 26th. So I am curious what they will say on tuesdays ultrasound. Anyways...I am still going to celebrate!!!

also, I have been slacking on belly pics this time. Sad

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Congrats! KUP on your big U/S! And don't worry about the belly pics, I never did any with any of my kids :p.

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Yay! Congrats!

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Whoopiiii! I think I'm about there too. They changed my EDD as well but I never changed my ticker...whoopps! Lol. Everyday counts, right?!?