Happy 6 months!

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Happy 6 months!

My little Sophie Bug turned 6 months on Friday! If the next 6 months go as fast as the first then she'll be turning one in no time!! She graduated out of the small infant room to the 6-12 month room today at daycare. Made me sad. Sad Now she's in there with babies crawing and walking so I know it's just a matter of time before she's doing the same. She is pretty much sitting up now. She sat up unassisted for 5 minutes this weekend. She also got her first bottom tooth and she's a biter!! :o We started veggies and fruit just a week or so ago and she is loving it. I'm enjoying making all my own food too. Here are some recent pics!

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Happy six months, Sophia! My how time flies. She's beautiful!

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how is it possible that our babies are turning 6 months!!!!! I swear this is passing by way faster than with DD and I was working full time!!!!

I love sohpia's coloring. she's so prettty!

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Both of my kids have beautiful coloring! I'm so jealous! LOL! I'm real light complected and DH is dark so they get the perfect in between color.

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She is so gorgeous! I so can't believe that they are getting that big already!

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She's absolutely adorable! I totally agree about her coloring. It's just gorgeous. My kids didn't get so lucky and take after their pale mommy :).

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Happy 6 months! Love the pictures! TFS!