Happy Sunday!

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Happy Sunday!

Does anyone have any plans for the day? This is usually my one day off, but I took yesterday off too.

I dont think were doing anything today! we drove 1.5 hours yesterday to the mall, basically ate lunch and left. All the stores we had liked are now gone. I then stopped at BRU and picked up a couple packs of wipes, burp clothes, wash clothes, and breast pads. woohoo! We are down to needing just the essentials.

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I work today from 11-4 so no other plans really. I had thought about taking my youngest kiddo to see Winnie The Pooh but we'll see how I feel. My back is killing me nd I have a headache soooooo

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No plans today. Dd has decided to be missy no nap, and my pelvis feels like it is falling apart, thanks to adding some spd pain into the si pain and my hips feeling like they are going to dislocate.

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Heading to my step-mom's birthday party this afternoon at my step sister's house Biggrin Gotta go shopping for her first, probably hit up BB&B.

Slept in MAJORLY this morning.

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I'm going to start transitioning our spare room into the office. Then make the once spare bedroom the nursery. We get our furniture next Saturday!!! Problem is, our house is for sale so if I start, I have to finish. Eek.

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typical sunday in a world of the 6-day work week. i miss sundays.... and the worst thing about sundays in the summer is the outdoor pool isn't open, and my pass in only for the outdoor pool!! I suppose I could have packed the kids up and taken them to one of the streams or springs nearby, but it's so hot here that even getting in and out of the car is prohibitive!

we did make 2 different smoothies and watermelon sorbet in our new ice cream maker though!

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I worked all weekend, then packed at night when I got home. We are surrounded by boxes. Just asked DH how we are gonna get to bed tonight lol On the plus side by next weekend we will have moved Smile just all the unpacking to do then lol. Also I now only have two more weekends to work until my leave starts on Sept 24th. I work alternate weekends and have saved some vacation time too. I also do a couple of hours in the week but I can handle that, it is the 9 hour days on my feet that kill me.

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DH worked sat so it was business as usual at home. Sunday DH slept in late and then we drove down to my mom's house for a bit of swimming and Sunday dinner. I didn't get a thing done that I planned! I was going to do some major arranging to get ready for baby but I let DH sleep in and played with my babies instead :).