Hard to believe it's time to plan a party!

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Hard to believe it's time to plan a party!

It is so hard to believe that it is already time to start planning our LO's 1st birthdays!!!! Anyone have themes and things already picked out? i tried to start pinning ideas to pinterest and then school started up and I haven't done much. What's the party plans for your house look like so far?

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We are having a costume party, assuming I won't be having my little man that weekend. Jessica will be a girl gnome!

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Our theme is blue and green cupcakes.. super cute! I am not sure yet what kind of cake I'll make, but there will be cupcakes, too Smile

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Nicholas' party is next Thursday! Wow! We are flying to CO to visit my family and my mom is throwing an Elmo party for him! Can't wait to see what she does!

1st year went by so fast!

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Sophia's party is this Saturday! I just posted some pics on here from her smash cake photos we did a couple of days ago. We're doing an owl themed bday party! Smile

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I started getting things planned out. Some of our friends are in Italy right now, so we're waiting until they get back. Thank goodness! I don't think I could be ready this weekend for a party!! It's pumpkins and owls. Very Fall themed colors. I'm thinking of making pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I now have to make all Kessler's food from scratch because we've discovered that Soy is the culprit for his Eczema flair ups, and Soy is in just about everything....including his regular infant formula. We're making the transistion a little early to cow's milk. I'd rather him not be miserable. Dr. appointment today to discuss it though.