Hard day

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Hard day

I can tell today is going to be a hard day. My right nipple is all cracked and I keep it slathered with lanolin cream but she doesn't want to latch to it right away today, just play with it first, which is unbearable so I keep putting her on the left side. I hope that side doesn't get bad too cause it looks a tiny bit cracked as well. I don't know if I can bear weeks and weeks of this before it gets better Sad But I don't want to give her formula.

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Have you tried a different angle? Side lying? In the begining when my nipples get sore and cracked i can only nurse side lying.

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Yeah I do side lying a GREAT deal of the time. It works great on the left side, but on the right side, I haven't had success yet. Keep trying I guess.

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Are you engorged on that side? Its harder for baby to latch when you're too full. They cant get enough in their mouth and you get super sore. You could try hand expressing a bit or pumping that side before trying to nurse. I agree with AnnMarie about trying a different position when baby is having trouble latching. If Caleb was having issues latching in the first few days I found he did really well with the football hold. Worth a shot right?

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Hope it's feeling a little better today, keep trying different positions until you find one that works.

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:bigarmhug:Can you pump so you don't get engorged on that side? Maybe that way you can continue to feed on the side that doesn't hurt as badly to give yourself a break.
Hope it starts getting better for you. It's so hard when you have sore nipples b/d your LO has to eat so it's not like you can stop unless you want to pump or give up. Like they always say, "it gets better with time" but it's just hard making it through it.

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Yeah I am not engorged. Usually I can get her to latch the right one if she is in my lap and I dangle it over her. I have a soft mattress so I haven't tried getting on all fours over her. I don't want her rolling around on the bed. And the floors are hardwood. Today, both sides are kind of raw and rough despite putting cream on as much as I can. She was up for three hours this morning, during which she wanted to nurse three times. I don't want to rush time but I can't wait for my nipples to toughen up and get used to this so latching isn't painful anymore!