Hardly any movement

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Hardly any movement

This little girl has slowed her movement right down. I'm getting a little worried. From 16/17w I have felt her almost non stop...started out faint, but they were getting to be really strong. Well for the past few days I have hardly felt her. This morning I decided to do kick counts and it took from 7:53-9:02 to get 10 kicks. I keep reading all these things that says basically its too early to really be feeling the baby kick hard. Should I be worried about this? It never happened with DS, he was kicking strong throughout the whole time I was pg!

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I wouldn't be too worried. Sophia has many lazy days and I always worry, but then she'll make up for it in one day. I think we start doing kick counts at either 26 or 27 weeks, I can't remember.

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If you're concerned talk to your doc. At the very least, it might ease your concerns.
I worry too if I don't feel babies enough. Then when I slow down & sit down for a bit they let me know they're are here.

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Drink a coke and sit still for a nit. You might just be too busy to notice the movement. Owen keeps his head in my bladder (or his feet or something) so I feel him a LOT but not good solid kicks, mostly just him pushing my bladder.

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I just talked to my midwife about not much movement from my LO too. I felt my other 4 much more by this point. She said that up until about 24 weeks that movement can be very variable, and that not feeling more than just a couple kicks a day is still well within "normal." After 24 weeks kicks become more regular, and at 28 weeks you can reliably start doing kick counts.

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My DS would do this, he'd always move like crazy but then he'd hit a growth spurt and be quieter than normal for a few days. Then once he was over it he'd be back to his wiggly self! My MW said it was common.

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My last baby was like this, she would go days with nothing and then others it was like a party in there. A lot of times baby will be active when you are active and you don't notice... or you may even be sleeping. I'm sure everything is fine but be sure to get checked if you are overly concerned! Smile

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