headed to the ER

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headed to the ER

have had a headache for over 24 hours and got dizzy getting out of the shower a few min ago.......now all shaky and I have lower abdomnal pain....

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I hope everything is okay... please keep us posted!!

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Ugh :/ I hope they can get it under control.. KUP

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I am sorry. :bighug: KUP

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Hope everything is ok! :openarms: KUP!

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Oh sweetie, I hope everything is ok!

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Any news???

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JUST NOW walked in the door...spent over 10 hours at the ER. They ended up giving me dilaudin (sp) for the headache. Couldnt find any reason for the abdominal pain. Neither the nurse nor the ER doc could find babys HB with the doppler so they ordered an US. US tech said baby looks great. Am off to try to get some sleep before picking my LO up from my brothers...

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I hope you can get some rest!

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I am glad you are feeling better. Hope you can get some rest.

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Glad you're feeling better! Sorry it took so long.

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Hope you are feeling better now Smile

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Glad you got an U/S but sorry they don't know why you were in pain. Hope you are resting and will feel better.

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Glad you found some relief and the baby was doing great. Hope you get plenty of rest.

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Yikes how scary! I'm glad things are going better for you now! Get some rest!

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Glad everything was ok! Hope you can get some good rest now.