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Wow, it's too quiet! Let's get some chatting going on.

Your Name:
Your age:
Baby's name:
Baby's birthdate:

What is baby doing now?:
Any summer plans?:
Planning on more children?:
What's your favorite dessert?:
What's your guilty pleasure?:

Bonus: Post a recent pic of your kid(s)!

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Wow, it's too quiet! Let's get some chatting going on.

Your Name: Paula
Your age:34
Baby's name: David
Baby's birthdate: October 16

What is baby doing now?: Screaming. He is really frustrated by the fact that he can't talk or crawl yet.
Any summer plans?: We are visiting my in-laws in Oh in late July.
Planning on more children?: Egghghg. Not in the near future.
What's your favorite dessert?: Getting the opportunity to even have dessert is an achievement in itself.
What's your guilty pleasure?: Naps. Long, uninterrupted naps.

Bonus: Post a recent pic of your kid(s)

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This is a great idea! Who's still around! I am just getting settled in to being at home after school got out and the workdays were over.

Your Name: Kristin
Your age: 26
Baby's name: Sarah
Baby's birthdate: October 4

What is baby doing now?: Napping Smile She is wiggling a lot. She wants to move more than she really can. She has pulled up to standing a time or two on her own. She likes to stand with help and gets so excited about it that sometimes she forgets to hold on. She says, "Hey there," "Da" and "Yeah." She also claps and and waves hello and good bye. Can you tell I'm a proud mama?

Any summer plans?: A beach trip in a few days!
Planning on more children?: Yes and fairly soon. Although we haven't exactly decided when.
What's your favorite dessert?: Any kind I can get! I LOVE sweets. I am still off dairy with breastfeeding, so no cream cheese icing or cheese cake.
What's your guilty pleasure?: sleep anytime I can get it.

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I'm still around! I'm off from school now, too. It's a relief!

Your Name: Lisa
Your age: 33
Baby's name: Conor
Baby's birthdate: Oct 4

What is baby doing now?: Crawling. He finally figured it out, and it makes him SO HAPPY.
Any summer plans?: No, nothing other than a class I have to take. We have no money this year!
Planning on more children?: A very slim maybe. We're pretty happy with the two!
What's your favorite dessert?: Anything involving chocolate!
What's your guilty pleasure?: Sleep!

Bonus: Post a recent pic of your kid(s)!

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Your Name: Samantha
Your age: 28 next week!
Baby's name: Nicholas
Baby's birthdate: Sept 16th

What is baby doing now?: Crawling Everywhere, Standing. Babbling (so cute!)
Any summer plans?: We just got a lake house and boat so we will be spending the summer up at the lake. Nicholas doesnt seem to liek the boat yet!
Planning on more children?: Just had a loss, but we arnt preventing. so maybe soon!!!
What's your favorite dessert?: Chocolate!
What's your guilty pleasure?: Sleep these days! Not seeing much lately!
Bonus: Post a recent pic of your kid(s)! I'll see if I can find one!

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Your Name: Jennifer
Your age: 28
Baby's name: Jessica
Baby's birthdate: 10-24

What is baby doing now?: Rolling like a ninja all over the place!
Any summer plans?: Nothing too exciting...
Planning on more children?: #4 is in the oven
What's your favorite dessert?: pie at the moment
What's your guilty pleasure?: na

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Your Name: Jennifer
Your age: 31
Baby's name: Sophia
Baby's birthdate: September 16th

What is baby doing now?: Crawling, standing, waving bye, clapping, dancing, knows what "no" means (LOL!), saying "bye bye", "mama", and "dada".
Any summer plans?: Nothing special. Have to work and kids are in daycare, but no plans for a vacation. Getting ready to celebrate my son's 6th birthday though and my stepdaughter turned 16 yesterday!
Planning on more children?: Nope, DH got snipped!
What's your favorite dessert?: Key Lime Pie
What's your guilty pleasure?: Our once a month date nights when the kids stay at grandma's overnight, having an adult beverage, and being able to sleep in that one morning out of the month. LOL!

Bonus: Post a recent pic of your kid(s)!
Most recent picture!

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Your Name:Karen
Your age:28
Baby's name:Caleb Gabriel
Baby's birthdate: 10-18

What is baby doing now?: taking steps, saying mama & papa, following his siblings around getting into stuff with the big guys Any summer plans?:nope nothing
Planning on more children?: I think this is it, we really feel like our family is complete :).
What's your favorite dessert?: all of the above?
What's your guilty pleasure?: Sleep.... I miss it so much!

Bonus: Post a recent pic of your kid(s)! I'll get one up SOON!

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Your Name: Lindsey
Your age: 30
Baby's name: Kessler
Baby's birthdate: October 9

What is baby doing now?: crawling and pulling up on things. Finally 1 tooth is peeking through
Any summer plans?: Just keeping cool and enjoying the pool. Gearing up for the new teaching position for August
Planning on more children?: NOPE!
What's your favorite dessert?: anything chocolate
What's your guilty pleasure?: watching silly shows like Teen mom or Dance moms...maybe it makes me feel better about myself? IDK.

Bonus: Post a recent pic of your kid(s)!

Kessler @ 8 months and Abby 5 1/2 yrs

Kessler @ 9 months