hi new here (kinda)

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hi new here (kinda)

I network on the september board, my original due date was sept 28th but is now since been changed to oct 4. I am having a lil boy "Kesler" so I thought Id drop by and say hi and get to know you ladies Smile Kesler is messuring a bit small hence the due date change its kinda a long story.. I have a older son skyler who is 7. anyways look forward to getting to kno u ladies Biggrin

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Hello & welcome to Oct. We seem to be the boy birth board so Kesler will feel most at home.

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Welcome! Glad you are here!

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Welcome! Sorry they bumped your date way back Sad I'm due on the 4th too Smile Hoping to go early but I doubt it lol

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Welcome! Smile Glad to have you!

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Welcome! Congrats on your little guy! IIRC we have another Kesler on the board too!

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welcome to the board...

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Welcome to October!

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Hi! Welcome to October.

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Welcome to October! Smile

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Glad you decided to pop in over here. I still can't believe we have the same boy name since it's not common. I don't mind one bit, it just still amazes me. Makes me feel a little less crazy for choosing it. LOL.
Ours is spelled with two "s" though b/c it's a last name on DH's side.

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Welcome to the board! If you add your info under the EDD thread I'll add you in! Smile