Hip pain?

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Hip pain?

Anyone having hip pain? At first I thought it was sciatic nerve pain but it's really more in the hip/outer glute. Just on the left side, but it plagues me to no end! What do you guys do for it?

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I had this through my whole 2nd trimester and it was terrible!!! I couldn't walk it was so painful. They say it's pretty normal due to your hips spreading and preparing for birth. I started seeing a chiropractor for it because it was so bad and my hip was out of place, but I also had to use a tennis ball to loosen the joint muscles and that helped. I also started doing some morning stretches to open the hip area and now I feel alot better and have made it through the 3rd trimester with no issues. but I have to keep up with the excercises so it doesn't come back. An ice pack with some icee hot cream helps too!

Hope you can make it feel better!!!

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Yeah I keep hearing "Go to the chiropractor." I don't have any money for that so I need the at home remedies. I stretch in bed all the time. I'm going to ask my new midwife when I settle on one.

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I have had this since early on and with both my other boys. Heating pad seems to help but really stretching regularly is the only thing that really helps.

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I had it with DD and now with this LO too. I do go to the chiropractor, but I find stretching and switching positions a lot helps.

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I've been having a ton of hip pain too, so my sympathies. But nothing is really helping this time unfortunately.

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I go to a chiropractor too. Mine plagues me mostly at night while I'm trying to sleep. I hope you find some relief.

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Okay good it's not just me! I was thinking, Am I not getting enough exercise? I am on my feet moving at work most of the day and then on my off days I was walking outside until the heat became too unbearable. So I thought maybe not enough activity was the reason for the pain. But I stretch it out when I'm at home. It flares up after a long day at work. But it flared up when I was packing the other day, which didn't seen to require that much effort. And again when I vacuumed! And I've got two and a half more months left lol.

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I had it REAL bad with DS! Not so much with this LO though. I did yoga and stretched every day! It really helped! I'm sorry you're in pain, it really stinks!

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I'm having some on top of spd and si pain. Other than chiro, the only thing that really helps is warmth then stretching.