Holy Boobs!!

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Holy Boobs!!

OMG I remember them getting big early with DS, but I feel like this one was overnight! Totally don't fit into any of my bras anymore! Last time I went out and bought a few, but our dryer sucks and has messed up all the clasps so I tossed them! Luckily I still have my D and DD's plus nursing bras left! Crazy right? I went from a B to a DD with DS, I also nursed with DS so they stayed gigantic for a while! Definitely back up to a C now...DH is in heaven again! lol

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wow! right on!

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I hear ya! went from a d to an e in like a week!

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Mine have grown a lot, too! Yay pregnancy.. heh Smile

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My girls are still the same...and I'm glad about that. I'm very petite and I got to a full D with dd and im still fitting comfortably in a D. And it made it weird when I wore my tshirts bc half the letters were on top of my boobs and the rest curved around them lol.

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Mine are the same but with DS2 they grew 3 cup sizes so I guess I am just waiting for it to happen.

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Mine are the same so far, but I am still nursing dd (although she is weaning herself, she's down to once a day now). I only went up a cup size with dd, so we'll see what happens if she fully weans soon.