Holy Mother of...

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Holy Mother of...

Hot Flashes! Is anyone else experiencing these? I swear I need an ice pack for my bra! :eek:

I am normally a cold natured person so this is a whole new world for me! I told someone the other day if I wasn't preggers I would swear I was going to menopause.

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I ran SO warm with the boys! Maybe you're having a boy?!???!?!?? I am always SO cold and would have all the blankets on me and with the boys I was always throwing the blankets off - even DH noticed it. I haven't really experienced it much with this pregnancy. Definitely warmer but not the all out dying hot flashes.

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I am having the same exact issues. I am always cold with a blanket around me. I have had to turn the temperature down several times in the house. That is until my husband gets home and turns it back up. He says I am freezing him and the girls out of the house.

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I always run hot when pregnant. Really nice in winter, not so great in the summer.

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I Know! It has gotten kinda cold here but I can still walk around in shorts and sweat! I was with my mom at Target and she told me to never get old because she was starting to get hot flashes. I told her I already know the feeling!

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Add me to the hot flash group... my husband always says my skin feels like it's cooking! I get cold spells too though.

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Lol I set the temp on our a/c unit to 69* the other night and STILL was just barely comfortable.

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yes! currently...

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I seem to have constantly red cheeks and sweating all the time on my face, under my eyes. Drives me crazy lol

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Yeah, and my coworkers all look at me like i'm crazy when I ask if it's hot or just me XD

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Oh yes!!!! Terrible! It makes me grumpy.

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I'm with the hot flash girls! I feel like I'm running a fever all the time (normally I snuggle up like a tamale and now I can't sleep with any covers). I especially get them after contractions.

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I'm hot all the time. We had one day recently that was only 60 F & raining (so no way I should've been hot) & it was literally clammy & sweaty. DD will come up & touch my skin & say "hot". :eek: I've been hot both times pg (same due date both times so same season) & I've been hot both times. My OB said to blame the hormones... ugh.

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It's still hot here so I'd be hot anyways, but I do run super hot while preggo. The summer after I have baby is always so nice compared to the miserably hot previous summer :). I was heavily pregnant with DS1 all winter and I had hot flashes too then.