Hope I don't jinx anyone but.....

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Hope I don't jinx anyone but.....

I can't believe we are HALFWAY through Sept and have NO Oct babies yet!!!!

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I know!!! I'm convinced that Sophia has just found a comfy spot and has decided that she's not leaving anytime soon. LOL!

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It's so awesome!! I hope Owen either comes on by the end of this week, or holds out until at least after the 21st so we can get to Tennessee with no major change to our plans lol

I'm expecting him to arrive sometime around the 19th, 20th, or 21st, since those are the three MOST INCONVENIENT days that he could possibly pick ROFL

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Yup! I am excited! Though it is looking like we will be having one very soon. A few of us seem on the verge.
I will know tomorrow at my 2nd OB visit this week the state of everything.

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I can't wait to see pics!!! I love hearing about the new babies coming, their name, stats everything!!

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That's amazing!!! With that said, I would be very shocked if I made it to October, but I am due the end of this month so you don't have to include me in this!

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I've been telling my DH the same thing. I'm so proud of our LOs for staying put!

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So excited that we've all done such a good job baking these babies! Can't wait to start seeing pics and hearing birth stories though.

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Looking forward to seeing all our babies, but would love for us all to get to term! I can't believe we've all made it this far Smile

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That is absolutely incredible! I'm hoping and praying we all make it to term!

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