How do I shuffle our house to fit our new LO?

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How do I shuffle our house to fit our new LO?

I'm having trouble with this one. We have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath all one floor house. We do NOT have an attic, basement or garage. Which makes it hard with no great storage options. We are hoping to build a garage at some point but it won't happen anytime soon.

DD (19 months old) is currently in one bedroom with her crib, changing table, etc. We have the Master. The other bedroom is the computer/office/craft/additional storage room. I don't really have anywhere else to put this stuff. I could maybe move the office to the Master but that would be a bummer. The craft stuff would have to be packed up & dragged out everytime I went to use it... which would be a major hassle. As for the other stuff, I have no idea. Buying/renting a storage building is not an option.

When our DS joins us, he will be in our room for about 6 months in the bassinet. I'm planning on figuring out the sleeping arrangements after that regarding the crib. If DD is ready to transition to a toddler bed, then DS will get the crib. If not, I may use the pack n play until DD is ready. I don't see the need to buy a new crib.

Here are the main questions/problems that I'm having...

***When DS is around 6 months old, where does he go? Do I lose my computer/craft room? Where does that stuff go? Does DD & DS share a room until we get an addition built? Will they wake each other up? Ugh!

I know this can be done. People have smaller spaces & more kids than we do and manage. I think my hormones have just crowded out my thinking ability.

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You're probably not going to like my answer, but it sounds like you may have to get rid of your office/craft room. My sister actually had to do that when she had her DD. They moved her DS to the front room which was the office so her DD could have the back room. She then took out her big dining room table and transformed the dining room into their office. I'm not too knowledgable on how it would work with DS and DD sharing a room since we have never had to do that, but if DS is still not sleeping through the night then he may wake up DD and then you will have two fussy LO's. Hope this helps with your decision and that you can find a solution soon!

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Im in the process of packing up and giving away all my craft stuff Sad It sucks more than you can beleive but its the best I can do with the space we have. I will keep just enough to fill the new shelves Ive put up in my hall closet above the coats and the rest adios Sad

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I would just put him in with your DD actually. We have the same kind of house and my girls share a room. ... well they should, but DD2 still sleeps mostly in the pack n play in my room. :rolleyes:
We have a third bedroom that is the music/computer/storage room and not really "move in ready". We decided the girls will share a room and this baby will just stay in our room a while. We'll work on rearranging stuff or getting a new house and then figure out what we're going to do.

We waited to move DD2 to the crib until she was STTN, which wasn't until about 2 months ago. I BF during the night until at least a year if they want to, which is why that worked out the way it did. We're currently transitioning her to the crib now. She goes in there and listens to my DH read a story and they both fall asleep. She's been waking up after a few hours and my older daughter FREAKS when she does so we have to move her back to the pnp. She wakes up in the pnp but settles down within a minute. I think when she wakes up in their room it's unfamiliar to her and she isn't as easily consoled. Plus they feed off each other freaking out. Wink We figure eventually she'll STTN in her crib and everything will all work out. If not, I guess I'll be buying a second pnp for my room. Wink

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I have a 3bed house too! I have an attic and a garage, but the 3rd bed is full of DS's toys, a small couch and tv. We are keeping them in the same room after this LO is old enough to go in a crib. DS just turned 2 and we are looking to transition him to a toddler bed this weekend (we think). I think both Asher and DD could stay in the same room for a bit. I think its a good idea for Asher to STTN before moving him too, maybe that will give DD a better night sleep! GL deciding.

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You'll figure it out!! Smile I won't shock you with how small of a space we live in, but my three oldest girls all sleep in bunks in the same room, and Ellie sleeps in a pack n play at the foot of our bed. The new baby will sleep in bed with us.

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I'd wait until after baby gets here and go from there. We're in a 3 bedroom right now with our two girls sharing a room, DS in the other and then us in the master. DS is NOT a good sleeper so baby is going to room in with us until he's sleeping through the night (we're buying a mini crib, which takes up about as much space as a pack and play) and hopefully when he's sleeping through the night we'll put him in the same room with DS. That's our current plan, but of course things could change. If we had an extra bedroom and he still wasn't sleeping through at 6 months I personally would probably give up the craft room/office.

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well right now we are living at my mom's......she has a 3 bedroom but we made the back room into a bedroom for DD. My 3 oldest boys sleep in one room (they have bunk beds and a twin in there), then DS#4 sleeps with me and thats where LO's bassinet is also, mymom of course has her own room. Anyway the plan as of now is to buy another set of bunk beds next yr at income tax time and put DS#4 in with his brothers.....then it'll be me and the new baby in one room. DS#4 has pretty much slept in our room or WITH us his whole life. Before the kids and I moved back in with my mom I had a 4 bedroom and he shared with DS#3 and slept in a twin with his brother......

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I really think it's going to depend on your LO and if they sleep or not. We lived in a 2br when DD was born and I figured no biggie she's in with us for 6 months (we've put the crib in our room for every kid) then we'll move her in with DS. But I was wrong, both of my kids are bad sleepers, so they just would not sleep in the same room. They'd wake each other up and since DD didn't STTN it was a disaster! Even still it's rare that they STTN! DH didn't want her in our room again. So we moved into a 3 br and everything settled down. I'm hoping since DS1 will be 4 once Caleb is 6 months it'll go smoother having them in together. Because a 4 br is really out of the question! He wasn't even 2 when they shared so he was too little to get what was going on.

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I would have them share a room. They should already be used to eachothers noise by them. My son was 18 months old when ds2 was born and they have always shared a room with no problems.

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I am having similar issues so I'm not much help, but the way I look at it, just deal with it when it comes to that point. We have a master on the first floor and all the bedrooms upstairs, so we made a room for DS downstairs and we are not ready to move him upstairs yet, so we are not sure where this one will go. We plan on doing the bassinet for awhile in our room too and then figure out where his room will be later.

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Thank you for the advice, etc! I think I'm going to just wait it out and see what happens. I'm sure I will still continue to overthink a solution in the meantime. Hey, who knows, maybe my DH will win the lottery by then and all of our problems will be solved. Hee Hee.