How has your appetite changed?

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How has your appetite changed?

I just realized this week that I am getting hungry more offten, I don't stay full off a meal for too long. Im Sitting hear thinking about what to eat next and realized I just ate dinner about an hour ago, then I reminded myself that I'm pregnant and it's ok to eat again Smile

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I'm still sick, so I am never hungry. I have to force myself to try and eat because I know it gets worse if I don't eat. I can't wait until I'm hungry all the time!

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I am starting to get my appetite back and have the same problem! I just ate and my stomach starts growling. I'm trying to eat fruit as my post-meal snack. We have some small cups of applesauce that seem to help. Or I eat a cheese stick at work. I'm determined to not gain too much weight at the beginning. Can't make any guarantees about the middle or end of the pregnancy though Smile

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last week I couldnt get enough food, and that was after a week of 24 hour m/s. for 3 days now I have been forcing myself to eat, I have no appetite, and yesterday and today the m/s is back really bad.

looks like i'll be bouncing back and forth a bit!

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For the last week the m/s has been really bad, then I cut out meat and it's gone, so I'm soooo hungry all the time now. Just trying to make healthy choices.

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when i'm not feeling sick, i'm hungry all the time.

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Oddly enough now that my m/s seems to be easing up I am not as hungry as I was. I was ravenous before but now my appetite seems more like normal for me.
Glad to hear that you are eating now!

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Well, my appetite in the first tri is always HUGE. I seriously eat at least twice as much as typical for me and gain a good 12 pounds in the first tri. Thankfully, my appetite is finally starting to taper off a bit! Smile

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i've had the stomach flu for the past week, so i've had absolutely no appetite. before that though it didn't really change. i'm hoping it will be fine once this flu goes away too since i'm over 12 weeks now.

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My appetite still hasn't changed. I'm still horribly sick & I'm watching the calendar hoping it will get better soon since I'm 12 weeks now. It's lunchtime and I haven't even managed to get anything down yet. Sad