How low is too low? xp

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How low is too low? xp


I tend to be a hypocondriate, so before I go to the hospital, how low is too low? My blood pressure is about 100 over 56.. Ive read that 56 is considered low and 100 is normal low if you are a child or an athlete. My normal even pregnant is 120 over 80. I had up to 147 over 100 a couple of weeks ago but the last two weeks have been 120 over 80ish. I feel hot and a bit dizzy but not to the point of falling down or not using the stairs.

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I'm not too sure when it's a problem but I know with my last pregnancy I was walking around at 92/52 and the OB asked me if I was still alive? LOL I get really low b/p at the end of pregnancy and mine is almost the same as yours. If you feel like you are going to pass out and feel lightheaded I would think that is when it becomes a problem.

How are you with IV's and bloodwork? I was told the ones with the low b/p are the ones they have a hard time getting a vein. Everytime I've given birth I've had about 1.5hours of IV hell with blown veins and digging around. Apparently low b/p causes the veins to blow as there isn't as much pressure in them.

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I have terrible veins! I guess we're two peas in a pod! I'm checking once an hour and if doesn't go up tomorrow I'll go in.

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My bp before and during pregnancy is almost consistently 100/60. Only over the past four weeks has it gone up to 120/80. The doctor has never said anything, so I just go along like it's business as usual.

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Mine is usually 100's/60's. And it's pretty consistent while preggo. Then again, I only weigh 110 pre-preggo

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Mine's been 100/60 a few times, and a few times "too low to read". The nurse told me sometimes when you're dehydrated your BP gets low like that, so make sure you drink extra water.

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Mine last check up was 100/60 and she said it was awesome, I feel as though for me its too low, very faint lately. In fact, last night we were at a wedding and I had to be helped outside as I was about to faint.

I wouldn't worry about the # as much as how you feel and what your body is telling you.

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That is pretty normal for me. It has been pretty consistently 105/55. And while I'm not at the dr it's even lower. Your other readings seem kind of high. Do you get really nervous going to the Dr?

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Textbook BP isn't necessarily everyones norm. My norm is 90 over 40 but I know that and I tell any new Drs treating me that's the case. Where I work (I am NOT an MD, just letting you know) we generally treat anything below 90 systolically (top number) as low with everyone. Normally that is also accompanied by dizziness either standing or sitting, feeling faint, blurred vision etc. I would say if you are feeling sick or that is not normal for you, call in. It doesn't hurt to call just to ease your worries either! Smile just wanted to let you know that everyones "normal" is different.