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Thread: How often are you breast feeding??

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    She's so young that her tummy is tiny- fills quickly and empties quickly. I'm sure she'll stretch out for you soon.
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    Aisley eats every 2-3 hrs, and up to 4 hrs at night. But, it takes her an hour. She'll eat from one side for 15ish mins and then 30mins later have the other side. My supply is slowing down and she wants more, not so sure what I'm going to do as she won't take formula. I pump and bf so dh can feed her when I can't, and she take the bottle great, but I guess formula just tastes different. I'm still having to use nipple shields as my nipples just won't come out, and my let down on my left side is sooooo slow, and its very painful. Oh thr joys!
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    Breastmilk digests really fast and their tummies are tiny at that age, that's why so often

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    I completely agree on the hind milk thing. It's heavier, more like cream so they stay fuller longer. She's so little though, she will start going longer between feeds soon!
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    I agree with PP, but also want to add that while most books says babies have a growth spurt at 7-10 days, my baby seemed to have her growth spurt at about 5-6 days. She wanted to eat all the time and it seemed like I could barely keep up with what she was eating. BUT, I did manage to keep up, it built up my supply and it really didn't last that long.

    Good luck!
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