I am an idiot. careseat related.

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I am an idiot. careseat related.

I have been panicing about the thought of fitting 3 carseats in my car, as I explained in my other post.

ds #2 only being 32lbs, is going to be in a harness for a good long while, so I bought him a Radian 65.

ds #1 is 39.5 lbs, but we would like him to goback to a harness as well, so eventually will purchase him a radian as well.

so the first Radian comes today, I install it, and its very clear I could NOT fit 3 side to side in my car and have them properly installed. but baby #3 will be rear facing for atleast 2 years, and by then ds#1 will be 8! and in a normal booster!

so I have gotten myself all worked up over nothing!

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Glad to hear that you figured it out Smile