I hate to admit it, but....

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I hate to admit it, but....

I have a horrible habit of registry peeking. My obsession all started when DH and I were getting married. I've already started peeking at my registry and I don't even have a shower planned yet! LOL! Well I just peeked at it and somebody already bought stuff off my registry!!! Yahoo I'm pretty sure its either my MIL, mom, or sister. Smile It's so terrible now though because from now until the baby is born, my life will be consumed by registry peeking!! I'm pretty sure DH will probably be seeking professional help for me soon.

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Seriously, do they think that we would look all. the. time. Lol. I thought that's what it was for :rolleyes: whoops!!!! Hahha. I'm really horrible with it too! I even try to figure out who got what Wink so ur not alone.

Sssshhhhh!!! Don't tell ur hubby that there r more women in this world who do the same thing...he might contact my DH and gang up on us Wink ;)

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I'm not big on surprises or secrets.. so I'm a registry peeker, too!

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I'm pretty bad about it too. My only shower with DD was when I was 37 weeks pregnant, so I just "needed" to know what was left.

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That was my favorite!! A little jealous I don't have a registry to stalk by the hour!!

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Glad to know I'm not the only peeker! I would consider it more of a "Stalking". I would check the wedding registery daily. Still compiling my baby registery, so I'm sure the stalking will begin shortly after I'm done.

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"scotty620" wrote:

That was my favorite!! A little jealous I don't have a registry to stalk by the hour!!

Ditto! Not that my family/friends bought anything from my registry when I did get to have one with DS1 :p.