I have food poisoning :(

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I have food poisoning :(

I'm soooooo sick! This is day 2 of nasauea, diareah, and vomiting! I am so hungry but the sight, smell and taste of food makes me gag! Its even hard for me to drink water.... I'm a lil worried about my LO but the doc says he/she will be ok, and to just let this pass through my system. I feel horrible! Sad

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Oh! So sorry that you are having to deal with this. It should be illegal for pregnant ladies to get sick. Sad

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I am so sorry! I know exactly how you feel - I got noro when I was pregnant with DD :/ I hope you're feeling better soon!

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Yuck! Not fun at all! So sorry! I was sick with the flu last week and it is so unfair when your pregnant! Hopefully it passes quickly!

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Oh yuck that sucks! I hope it passes quickly for you!

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sending you a gazillion healthy vibes all the way from India...... :fairy:


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Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! :bigarmhug:

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:bighug:I feel your pain! I remember I had that when I was only about 6 weeks with my DD. The cramping was so bad, I actually thought I was having a miscarriage at first. Hope you feel better soon!!!!!!

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I am so sorry! I hope it passes soon and you feel much better.

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Aww I'm sorry, I hope you feel better real soon!

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So sorry, I hope you feel better soon. :bighug:

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Thanks everyone! After being in bed for almost 48 hours, I'm finaly feeling better!