I just want today to be over...

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I just want today to be over...

So my day started off with Kendra being awake from 6:30am until 8:30 (and a few times at night too), just in time for my DD1 to wake up...and then Kendra vomited all over me...and then some more. UGH ...she also had a midwife appt at 1, so I was going to take DD1 to my SIL's house....but by the time I made Dh lunch (he comes home at 12) and tried to get out the door, Kendra wanted to eat, so I fed her and left but my SIL lives 20 min away in the opposite direction of the midwife clinic....so I had to take DD1 with me to the appt instead, in order to get to the appt. on time...BIG mistake. She was into everything at the clinic!! OH i just need this day to be over and its only 2! And then my dh leaves for Camp tomorrow, leaving me for the weekend by myself. Which I am mostly anyways, but it would of been nice to sleep in with the baby for once. Oh the joys of having more than one child. It always seems like the baby wants to eat just as I want to go to bed, or just as I want to leave the house....

Thank you for my rant .

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Sorry you're having such a bad day! :openarms: I have days where I only focus on getting through 15 minutes at a time, and days where the only thing that gets accomplished is keeping the girls fed and happy. Vent away anytime you need to!