I made my decision...

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I made my decision...

About who's doing what & when during my hospital stay...

So... my Csect is on a Tues & I'm scheduled to be in the hospital until Fri. My dad is taking off work Tues-Fri to help my mom watch DD during the day. DH will be off work Tues AND Fri ONLY. This will allow him to be off work Mon-Wed (he doesn't work weekends) the next week when I'm at home. DH will have DD every evening and maintain her routine at home as best he can. On Wed & Thurs, DH will stop by the hospital on his way home from work to visit with me & DS. I went ahead and asked MIL to stay with me overnight at the hospital & she said she would. So... I guess I have a plan now. I just hope it all works.

I'm planning on having DD's clothes, diapers, pajamas laid out for each day. I will probably go ahead & have some food prepared for her as well... or at least a list of what is available for her to eat for DH, etc.

Can anyone think of anything else I should have prepared for DD? I've never had to leave a child to go have another one before. She will be almost 2 yrs old when DS is born.

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I think that all sounds great!

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All sounds good!

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Sounds pretty good Smile I'd probably have a list of what you do when and a nice long list of rules incase things aren't running the way you expected.

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Sounds good! I'm glad you all found something that works for everyone!

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Sounds like a good plan.

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Glad you came up with something that works! Just a general schedule of how the day usually goes - eatting - what to feed her, when is nap time, bed time, good options to tire her out.

I have to say you're quite the planner! When I had DS#2 my mom came over in the middle of the night - she had to rummage through his clothes to find clothes for him - she didn't know how to open the baby gates or use the keys to my car where the car seat. I have no idea what they did with him while I was in the hospital - my sister was here too with her boys so I know they were all together. And then when I picked him up on our way home from the hospital he was running around my dad's neighborhood in just a diaper because my mom couldn't find shorts and T shirts for him. But he survived! I'm assuming the same will happen this time around - she'll figure it out! HAHA now she watches them twice a week though so she's got it down good.

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Lurking from Sept Smile
Something I've found helpful in the past is writting down their 'routine', basically what is usually naptime/lunchtime. Any special routines they have that help them at naptime. Some of their favorite foods or favorite things to do. I also like to write down things they can do with them during the day. I guess it all depends on how often your mom/dad watch your DD as it is. Our parents rarely take the kids for more than and hour or two at a time so they've said that is helpful for them.
Another thing, do they know where your stroller is or have one themselves? if they want to bring her somewhere that might be helpful

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Does your mom have a carseat just in case? Is she staying at your parents house, or yours? I would definitely write down her routine for them, eat, snack, bedtime, etc. Maybe include things she likes/dislikes, things like that. It sounds like you have it all planned and it sounds good! I'm nervous about leaving DS too...I've never been away from him for more than a night, so the 4 days is going to kill me! I have DH staying with me the first night, then when I can actually get up and move, have him stay with DS and bring him to see me every day! (I can't go that long without seeing him)

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Thank you for the advice! I'm making lists & trying to be as prepared as possible.

My parents have kept DD for a few hours at a time here & there. They have never had her away from home without me before. My mom has never changed a diaper away from home which will be difficult enough for her... trust me. If they don't manage to get her to nap then I don't see it going very well. My mom gets flustered VERY easily. And, if DD is sleepy then she is beyond a handful.

The last time DD was over there for a visit... she came home with something green spilled all over her (some kind of cleaner that was left out & they didn't think she could open caps) & a soaking wet diaper (mom had asked her if she needed a diaper & DD said No). Oh how I wish my best friend still lived here. Smile At least I have the comfort of knowing that DH will have her at night.

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Sounds perfect. I am glad you decided to have MIL stay with you, I think you will be happy you did. It is always good to have an advocate there with you since the nurses cant always know just what you need when you need it. That way you can sleep and you can have another set of hands in the room with you since you want the baby to stay with you the whole time. Hope it goes smoothly for all of you!