I might be the first.....

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I might be the first.....

to get pregnant again!!! I haven't started AF yet but I got it right when DS was 3 months last time so that meant I ovulated around this time. My SO wants another soon but I am unsure so I bought some BC last night, but he wanted one more shot at it last night before I start taking it. so we'll see what happens. Yikes!

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Are you breastfeeding? Just keep in mind if you want to breastfeed for a year that your supply may take a DRASTIC plunge if you get pregnant. My supply has dried up pretty much completely halfway into all my pregnancies. My second and third are 16 months apart and I was SO SAD that I had to supplement my second dd starting at around 9 months of age because of my milk supply. She more than made up for it after the next LO was born though, and tandem nursed until she was 3, BUT it was devastating for me at the time. This time my LO's are 18 months apart and Ellie got in a full year of breastfeeding before my supply took a major dip. Just something to think about!

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I hope it works out for you either way. I had a similar experience as Laurie with DS1 when I got pg with DD. They're 17 months apart and after I got pg my milk started decreasing so I had to supplement. Then I guess pregnancy hormones change the taste of my milk because he self weaned at 9 months. I was super upset!

That being said I absolutely love having my kids so close in age! They're totally BFFs and have so much fun together! I wouldn't have it any other way!

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Good luck!

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Good luck whichever way it works out for you!

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goodluck.......my first 3 are very close. Obviously #1 and 2 are (twins) but Cameron was born the DAY AFTER their FIRST bday. And he was late...lol