I think we have a name....

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I think we have a name....

I am pretty sure we are going with Allison Elizabeth. We'll call her Alli for short, and that way my youngest DS can still call her Alligator if he wishes Smile

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Love the name Alli especially Alli the alligator Wink

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Very pretty name... cute on the alligator part. Biggrin

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So cute. Smile It will be awesome to tell your littlest that he helped name his sister. Smile

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I like it! Smile

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That is so cute! She will probably be stuck with the nickname Alligator for a long time. Smile

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Such a cute girl name!

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Super cute-Alligator-HAHAHA!

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Love the name!

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That will be a sweet connection. Smile

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:woohoo: I was hoping you'd decide on Alli-gator! And Elizabeth is beautiful too! It's my middle name as well :p.

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28 wk appt

oops, didnt mean to post this here!

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