If you have a fussy baby like me get a Moby!

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If you have a fussy baby like me get a Moby!

Well I succumbed and ordered a Moby and guess what... he loves it!! Everyday I've been struggling to get things done around here... swing, bouncy chair, soothers dipped in gripe water to no avail. The Moby came this morning and I put him in and he was quiet for half an hour and then fell asleep! I was able to get sooooo much done and my hands are free and it doesn't stick out far... I was even able to chop veggies for a salad.

I have a baby bjorn which I hate, it's uncomfortable and sticks out so far that I can't see much. I also find I can't carry him on my own since he smells me as his food source but the bundling tight seemed to be the trick. He's been in it for a couple hours now.... life is good and the possibilities of getting things ACCOMPLISHED is endless :):) I think we definately (as North Americans) can learn quite a bit from moms around the world that carry their babies this way... now if I can figure out this elimination training thing haha (kinda hard living in Canada where they are bundled in so many clothes!)

I can actually even change Clara's diaper without having to lay him down to cry somewhere!

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I'm glad the moby worked for you! I hated mine, it was hard to put on and Nicholas hated it too. He likes to look around.
I did EC with my first DS for awhile, I started at 4 months and he just automatically knew when to go. It was amazing, but just took to much effert on my part so I discontinued it.

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Well it just goes to show what works for one baby doesn't work for another. My son Kieran spent every waking hour in his vibrating bouncy chair... when the batteries died it wasn't good. Markus seems to hate the vibration but he loves the hair dryer so sometimes I just let it run on the cool setting to get 10 minutes to myself.

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Glad he likes the moby and it's helping you get things done. Gillian loves being in the baby hawk, definetly helps with a very active 19 month old.

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Glad you found something that works!!! I tried the Moby and all that fabric was too much for me, but I LOVE my Ergo! Smile

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Yay I'm so glad it worked out for you! It's so hard to have a fussy baby, ESPECIALLY with another one around as young as Clara!

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Sally, you know you can actually buy cds with "white noise" tracks on them. With my first dd (who was SO FUSSY!!!), we would play the vacuum track on repeat for hours on end to get her to calm down. Of course actually vacuuming did the trick too, so at least the house was getting cleaned regularly! Wink

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I love my Moby too! Took a few times to get comfortable tying it, but now it's pretty easy.