I'm an Aunt!

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I'm an Aunt!

After five years of TTC and 9 months of anticipation.. My sister welcomed a little baby boy named Caleb into the world yesterday March 28th! I am so excited for her as she is a first time mommy!
I'm sad that I am over 1000 miles away from her so I can't meet little Caleb but I wanted to share the happy news!

Seeing a newborn makes me almost want another one.... ALMOST! LOL

Meet Caleb Edward

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awe! sounds just like my sister who also named her baby Caleb last year!!! she now has a second! he was only 6 months and they were shocked to get preggers so fast.
Congrats on being an aunt!!!!! It does suck being so far but at least Nicholas will have a cousin to play with when you guys to see eachother.

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I think both your sisters have wonderful taste in names :ROFL:.

Congrats on becoming an Auntie! He's precious!

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Congrats! He was born on my sister's birthday! Smile I can't wait to be an aunt again. My sister and her DH are still trying after 16 months. She just found out that she has only one working ovary so they have been meeting with fertility specialists. Hopefully you can meet him soon and give him lots of cuddles!