I'm back

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I'm back

After a week, I feel like I've been gone for months. I will post a birth story along with pics in a separate thread. I will spend some time trying to catch up on everything I missed.

Today was my first day home alone with both LOs. So far, so good... I'm really feeling the lack of sleep the last few days. We are both doing really well. BFing is going pretty good. I'm gonna start my CD adventure with a newborn tomorrow (I didn't start with DD until she was 4 weeks old). Ethan is so much smaller than Addison was. And, I'm amazed by how much bigger my DD seems now that DS is here... can't believe she turns 2 on Sat. We had newborn portraits & DD's birthday portraits done last night... can't wait to see them.

I've missed everyone... bare with me as I try to recover & resume the functioning of my brain. Wink

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So glad you're back! Our boys share a birthday Smile After all I've seen on Facebook, I look forward to seeing your birth story.

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Glad your back! I hear you on dd seeming so big now.

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Welcome back! We all missed you, I can't wait for your birth story and more pics of Ethan!

After I had DD I was shocked at how big DS looked and how teeny tiny my nearly 9 lb baby seemed!

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Glad you're back. I'm just pulling myself back together and catching up as well. Looking forward to reading your birth story. I totally felt the same way about DD feeling huge. I had been staring at a little 7lb 6 ozer and then I go home and was hanging out with Abby on the couch and though "DANG she's HUGE!" LOL. I mean she is 4, but she just looked gigantic all of a sudden.