I'm a fatty!

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I'm a fatty!

Holy crap my pants are tight today!!!!! Seriously I must have had a growth spurt. I'm even in my fat pants. Ughhh! lol Good thing I went through my maternity clothes yesterday! A few pants fit me, but I don't know if I'm ready for them yet! Biggrin

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I know the feeling! But at least u get to wear comfy mat clothes. I'm a Lil too tiny to fit them. I went to the motherhood store and they told me to special order them...well what if they come in and I don't like the style or fit?!? So I just bellyband it lol. Luckily I will b preggo over summer, so I'll just wear dresses and skirts Smile

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My fat pants are so uncomfortable like they're way too tight in the belly and they pull them up so I have camel toe - I am officially in maternity pants - no need fighting it - they're so comfortable! It's like wearing sweatpants ALL THE TIME!!

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I LOVED LOVED being able to wear maternity clothes at Thanksgiving and Christmas! Everyone was unbuttoning their pants and I was super full and comfy! lol

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Same here! I lost so much weight after DS2 that even my fat pants did not fit a couple weeks ago.

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HA I've been full-time maternity pants for a month now! lol I'm going to try to find some dresses to wear tho. It's so freakin hot here and when we move to Alabama it'll be even worse.

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