I'm going nuts!!!

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I'm going nuts!!!

This is more of a vent but I have to get it out!

MY parents are driving me nuts!!!! They just drove here from CO and got here Thursday evening and I am just so overwelmed!!! I thought they would be more help and keep my mind off of having the baby,, but it's the total opposite. I went on maternity leave early so I could spend time with them, but all I am doing is driving them around and cooking dinner and going to bed way to late. The house is harder to keep clean with 2 more people in it and I am not spending as much time with my SO as I'd like to in these last days/weeks.This is not my idea of maternity leave! I want to do nothing, and take naps!!! I know I should be greatful, but I just feel miserable!
I'm just so ready to have this baby and for them to leave already! I know this sounds horrible, but I am already irritable being THIS pregnant and having to do more then I normally do. I just want things to go back to normal. Next time, I am telling everyone my due date is a month later so none comes!

Ok, I feel better now!
Anyone else want to vent?!?!?

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I'll vent.........so for a week or so now my left leg goes numb for no apparent reason. Usually when I'm walking or standing. After a week of pretty weather we are back up to the 100+ which sucks when I have to be outside (in bleachers) 3 days a week for football games. For some effing reason they put the twins on seperate teams which totally sucks since it is JUST ME!!! i mean I have my mom to help but still. So now kaleb has games on Mon, Kodey on Wed, and Cam on Sat. Yesterday it was atill 105 at 5 pm when Kalebs game started. It sucked BIG TIME. By the time I got home I was miserable....my whole belly hurt, I had a headache, AND was seeing some spots.......

I am ready for little Miss to just be here already although she definitely needs to hang on for another week because my mom (who is going to be in the delivery room with me) and my brother (who will be watching the kids) are going to be gone from Sat afternoon til Mon afternoon in Bossier City (about 5 hours away). Not to mention Mon morning I have to drive to Austin (about an hour) to take Kodey to get his braces put on..............

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Samantha ~ People in my house... drive me crazy. So, I completely understand.

Amanda ~ Oh... that is totally inconvenient... different teams... ugh! I don't know how you do it.

My vent... My mom (who is not in great health because she's overweight... long story) goes with me to my appts to watch DD. I can't leave DD with her because she isn't able to watch her by herself but can manage the waiting room. While I'm thankful for the help, on those days, it WEARS ME OUT! I spend extra energy I don't have taking care of 2 people instead of just DD. The fact that she doesn't take losing weight seriously sends me to a level of annoyance that is best left unwritten. :angry4:

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Samantha - this is the exact reason I made sure my mom knew I didn't want her here early. She asked how far out her and my dad should book the tickets. I told her since I was due on a weekend to just find the cheapest flights the week before either on a Wed or Thursday. Though I can't believe your having to cook and do all the extra work. My mom would insist on cooking. Sorry you're having such a hard time! That sucks. They should be doing their best to make your life as easy as possible! Can you maybe have a date night with your SO while they watch your DS? That would be nice.

amanda - every time I read your posts about running the kids around I think I need to take a nap just reading it! I don't know how you do it and that really is messed up that they put the TWINS on sep. teams. It's not like they aren't the same age. You are the woman for still carting them around and staying on top of those schedules! It's hard enough just keeping up with Abby's stuff and it's just twice a week preschool!

Anita - that would tick me off as well. Kind of like my MIL who is always moping around and depressed. You just want to shake them and tell them to get it together and take care of themselves.

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At least I am about to ignore my dad's calls and texts. I think if people were inside of my house I'd go insane. I don't enjoy 'long term' company anyway (the kind that stays for more than a day or two) and if I was having to cook and clean behind them at our stage of pregnancy.... yeah. No.

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Oh my, yeah, I knew that with my mood swings at the end of pg I wouldnt want anyone here now. My MIL is coming to stay with us all next week but I know she is really super helpful with my boys. But still I have this compulsion to have my house perfectly clean when she gets here, she is a neat freak. So of course it is a couple days before she arrives and my house is a horrid mess so I am gonna kill myself tomorrow and the next day trying to clean myself silly. My Mom wanted to come out for 2 weeks around my due date and I told her no way! I told her to come like a month or two later. I totally feel your pain. It is nice to have people visit but when you are not feeling good it just makes things much much worse!

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I'm so sorry that you're having to cook and clean!!! I'm lucky enough to live near my parents and in laws, but I can always go back to my place if I need to. The extra cooking and cleaning would make me so angry!!!

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Wow! I'm so sorry you're having to all that extra work!