I'm seriously NOT trying to have this LO early...

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I'm seriously NOT trying to have this LO early...

But we did have a blast yesterday. I can barely move today. I'm sore & crampy, had very light pink tinged discharge when I wiped & have had contractions. I'm trying to rest today.

We took DD to her first tailgate (VT Hokies) yesterday. I had her in her little cheerleader outfit & she looked ridiculously adorable. She woke up saying "Go Hokies!"

Then we drove to the pumpkin patch. It was opening weekend but because we got there later there was hardly anyone there. She had so much fun. It was as if they were open just for us. She was able to do activities that she wouldn't have been able to do if it was packed. I picked my pumpkin & DD picked her pumpkin then DH helped her pick out one for DS. Then as we left the owner gave her a little bitty one too.

I need to upload some pics. She looked so cute.

Am I the only one who really doesn't want their LO to come early? At this point, if I could push my due date back, I would. Smile I've just got too many deadlines to wrap up & I'm running out of time. It's not that I don't want to be holding DS... I just need to finish some commitments & wrap up some procrastinating on my part.

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Sounds like you had a blast, and your DD did look adorable. No you are not the only one I am hoping I go late. So not ready for him to be here or to be done being pregnant, and like you I am excited and can't wait to hold him but would like it to be more like 3 weeks rather than just under 2 lol

Rest today and drink plenty and good luck.

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I bet she was so cute! Since I was so pregnant this year we skipped tailgating, but I did get to go to the first game of the season. That was the deal DH made with me. I could go to the game, but I had to not do any tailgating.

I hope you can rest a while today and tomorrow so everything calms down. Glad you had an awesome day yesterday though.

I'm not ready to have this LO either! I think since we're scheduled c-sections too it would be cruel to go into labor. Wink I'd love to push it back even a month or so, it would totally work out better for me. Dirol

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saw the one pic on FB and she was riciculously cute. I loved the football legging/tights. Sounds like fun!
I'm right there with you on not wanting to go early. I've got too much left to do and I need the 5 weeks to get myself and my house ready for a little one.

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I really don't want this one to come early, but he is trying his hardest to ignore my wishes.

I didn't want him to come on his due date either. If I could have stayed pregnant another month past that I would have been happy lol! I mostly am just not ready to have a baby again. I hate the baby phase.

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Sounds like a great time! Good you are resting today though.
I wouldnt mind mine coming early, just not THIS early. If he baked another week so I was "full term" I would be just fine with that. Although, my MIL is visiting this week so it would be nice to have him while she is visiting. Too bad we dont get to choose when they arrive!

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Just don't want him to be too late....

When I reach 37 weeks, little David can basically do whatever he likes. I just don't want him to go too far past my due date so that I get to spend as much time with him before my maternity leave ends.

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I wouldn't mind if my LO came a touch early, but I'd like him to wait at least til October 1! I can't wait to see the pics Smile I should have come out and joined you!

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Sounds like you had a blast! I'm not quite ready for her to come yet, but anytime the week before thanksgiving would be great.

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Oh tailgating sounds so fun!

I wouldn't mind if this LO was a bit early. Anytime after 38 weeks is fine with me. I felt the same way you do with my second though. I was in absolutely no hurry! I just wanted to enjoy the last few days I had one on one with DS. Although after my due date I was ready for it to be over hehe. That pregnancy was a breeze though, this time SPD along with 2 wild toddlers is kicking my butt!