Im still here...

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Im still here...

I'm just not very talkative, but I check the board and updates.

Things are going well, I've been feeling little movements for a week. I've got a consultation with a new OB tomorrow. I met him a week ago and he was so unbelievably friendly that I decided to see if I might want to switch to him. My current OB is cool, but he is very down to business and not warm. So we shall see.

I STILL am not showing any at all, though I take a weekly belly pic lol!

I'm still miserably tired and sick, hoping that goes away soon.

Just wanted to post an update.

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I'm glad you're around still! I hope you start feeling better soon Smile

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I completely know how you feel! I read a lot, but do not make it around to posting much. Thanks for letting us know you were still around! Smile

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glad you popped in! sorry your still feeling icky. hopefully it passes soon.

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Hope you feel better soon hun!

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Glad to know I am not the only one who mostly lurks. I think it is great that you found an ob you like. Soo important to hit it off with the person who will be delivering your bundle of joy!!

Hope you get to feeling better!


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Glad you wrote... I'm not on here as much as I would like either. Just waiting to feel a bit better so I can enjoy being PG. Hope you feel better soon too!