induction now thursday

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induction now thursday

Hospital changed my induction for thursday at 6:30am. I'm really hoping we avoid pitocin and try cervagel or cylotec (sp) first.

I met with the widwife yesterday who had to approve it and she agreed its safe and baby and I are ready. I have to leave home on the first ferry, 5:40am. I'm going by myself so dh can get the boys to school at 8, then he'll come afterward.

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Glad everything is arranged and ready to go!! Sorry about the date change though. When they postphoned me two days I was devestated. I won't be on today so good luck for tomorrow!

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Glad everything is set to go! Good luck.

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Good luck! I found pitocin MUCH easier to deal with this go round because I got my epidural first. If you don't plan on an epi, I would do my best to skip the pit, too! I'll be thinking of you!

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Good luck....I hope you are able to avoid pit BUt although its no walk in the park, I found it WAS possible to labor with pit and no epi.

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Good Luck! Can't wait for updates! Maybe this little guy will arrive tomorrow too. I can hope at least.

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thanks girls Smile I think my body is really ready too, so I'm not too bummed about going this route, even though it wasnt my original plan.

As much as I wanted it to be today so I would be home before the weekend, I am glad I had today to prep, I didnt realize I still had a ton to do, washing my bedding, paying bills, that kind of stuff.

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Glad you've had time to get everything prepared! Good luck tomorrow!

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I'll be thinking of you! Good luck!