Inexpensive baby stuff

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Inexpensive baby stuff

Not sure where all you ladies live, but I got this invite in the mail for this Children's & Maternity Consignment Sale. They have events all over. Here's the link --not sure if you heard of it. (It's the first I've heard of it) but you can buy gently used second hand baby things and sell your own. You can check the website to see if there is one in your area coming soon. In PA there's one in Mid September I'm planning on checking out.


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Great! Tfs! They never have cool things here, but hopefully some of the ladies find one in there area.

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Bummer, they never have that sort of stuff around here!

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When I was pregnant with DS we had a Church babies/kids resale twice a year. I got so many things from there for so cheap, so now I am just reusing everything I got. I would go again accept I have way to much now!!!

So much better to buy used then new on most baby items, they use them for such a short time.

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I love consignment sales!!! This one doesn't have one near me but there is an awesome one just before I'm scheduled to have DS. I will honestly be so disappointed if I miss it... like if LO decides to make an early appearance or something. It opens 4 days before I'm scheduled... cutting it close... but I always get great stuff there.