Interesting alternative to crib bumpers

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Interesting alternative to crib bumpers

Saw this on Bed Bath and Beyond and thought I'd pass it on. I know some are anxious about using bumpers but don't want baby to be able to get hurt. Maybe a good compromise?

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I saw these online a couple of months ago, but decided to get the breathable bumpers because these seemed so expensive to buy for each slat. I had no clue Bed Bath & Beyond sells them though!

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I just saw them and had never seen anything like it before Smile I honestly didn't even look at how expensive they are cause I don't like that pattern LOL

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That is interesting how they do that. I agree about the pattern, but it looks like they're reversible and it's just chocolate minky fabric on the other side. But that's a ton to spend for just brown lol.

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That is a ton to spend we are getting the breathable bumpers as well.