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Hi everyone, I am Lil. I was due in November, but due to various reasons, the baby came via c/s in October.

He was 9(and a little bit) lbs (at 38 weeks!) and 22" long. His name is Quinn. hmm not sure what else to say. I haven't been around PO for a while because it seemed everytime I would come here I would be logged off, I got tired of always logging on and got busy.

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Welcome! Glad you're here Smile

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Welcome! How's Quinn doing?

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"wobbs" wrote:

Welcome! How's Quinn doing?

He is healthy! He had a big weight loss, but as of today, he is back up to his birth weight! We had a few rough nights, but last night, he seemed to sleep for long stretches. YAY!

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Hi there. I was due in September but baby came a week late so now I'm an Oct. mommy too.

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Welcome! Always nice to have folks move in. Smile

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Hey Lil! I read your post in November, but I'm glad you posted his name here... it's super cute! Congrats again!