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Anyone else feel like their stomach skin can't stretch anymore? My poor tummy is so itchy! Hopefully I've got a few more weeks before meeting my LO.. but I suspect that means even more itching Blum 3

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I was telling this to DH just last night. He smirked and said, "Oh it will get bigger". I was in a good mood and he was just being cute, so I didn't got nuts on him. Just hard to imagine since I am about the same size as I was when I was 37 weeks last pregnancy.

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OMG!! itchy how ..... I have to consciously not touch my tummy else I'll start scratching... I do find keeping it moisturised really helps....

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OH I had that with DS#1 but I think he stretched me out so much that I was ok with #2 and SO far this one has been ok, although DS#1 didn't start till about 38 weeks. Lotion up like crazy!!!

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Itchy like crazy! Just keep putting on lotion, it helps for a bit at least.

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Super itchy!! I can't stand it. I think I lotion 5-6x a day and it does not help at all.

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I'm super stretched but thankfully not itching... unless I get too hot. Then I'm itchy. I keep the house pretty cool so that helps. Of course, with our weather this weekend... keeping the house cool doesn't sound like it's going to be a problem. All of sudden we are in Fall temps.

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With DS1 I had PUPPP, thankfully mild! It was so itchy, it was my biggest pregnancy complaint, other than him being breech lol. My skin stretched out so much and so fast it was awful. With DD I wasn't itchy at all I guess because I was already so stretched out. But this time the itchies have returned a bit. Nothing like with my first, but it is pretty annoying. My old stretch marks are lengthening and moving up which is mostly where I'm itching. Just keep lotioning!

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Nope not really....but I think it may be because my first pregnancy was twins so they stretched me quite a bit. Although I LOOK a lot bigger this go round (I think its because I was quite a bit smaller to start with this time).