It's a........

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It's a........

BOY :sleepyboy:

I wasn't planning on finding out today. In fact I had every intention of waiting until my growth and anatomy U/S at 22 weeks. But DH and I got into another discussion about whether or not I "knew" this LO was a boy or not. I "knew" DS1 was a boy too, so why doubt me now right? I pretty much knew right away, and my pg has been identical to DS1's. I was so sure I started a blue baby blanket (I've knit one for all my kids) already and started cleaning out DS1's closet to make room for this LO. So we decided to settle it and went to the 3d U/S place for a gender check. And sure thing he's a boy! His legs were wide open and the tech found it almost instantly. We're so excited. DH definitely wanted another boy and secretly, so did I. I worry about DD being the middle child and hoped that at least she could be the only girl. DH wanted another boy so there would be 2 boys to protect his little baby girl lol.

We're thinking Caleb Octaviano, middle name is a family name on DH's side. My first 2 have my parent's names as middle names, so now DH gets one lol. I'll get used to it right? Nothing is set in stone yet though!

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So happy for you..... please post on the question about gender and heartbeat .. it would be fun to have everyones answers....
Congratulations once again!! Smile

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Aww that is so cool, congrats.

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Congratulations on son #2! I think it's cool that you KNEW it was a boy. I knew with DD, but I've waffled on this one. I bet your kids are going to love having a baby brother!

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Congrats! How exciting!!!

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Congrats on another boy!!! It is very cool that you knew!

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YAY! WTG on those instincts! With DS I wanted a boy so bad, but totally thought he was a girl! lol You're DD will be protected all around! Congrats!

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Yeah!!! Congrats!!!

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Wow I didn't even know you could find out that early! Congrats!

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Congrats on your baby boy! And your DD is so lucky to have two brothers protecting her! I bet she will have both of them wrapped around her little finger. Smile

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2 boys is such fun! Every boy needs a brother! Congrats. Totally jealous that you know already!

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Congratulations on another little boy! Smile