It's been quiet here! (pic heavy)

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It's been quiet here! (pic heavy)

I noticed that the board has been slow lately (even before the holidays). Hope some of you are still here with me! I thought I would share some recent pics from over the weekend. Anyone want to share their's too?

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Cute pics! I'm still mad that I didn't get a family pic on Christmas of all of us, but it's my fault for not thinking of it when we had company over. The board is quite slow, but I just got my computer back right before christmas so hoping to get back on here a little more often. My computer guy is awesome and nothing was lost.

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Cute! I didn't get a single pic on christmas, but am planning on some tomorrow for Gillian's 3 months. Lindsay - I'm glad nothing was lost!

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We didn't take a fam pic either Sad so sad especially bc dh is a photographer lol. I have noticed its been quite slow around here. Guess if some ppl (ME, lol) would come out of lurkdome it would b a little faster Smile I promise I will try my best!

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Adorable!! It looks like you had a great Christmas Smile Here are a few pics from Christmas here.

Loving the tree

DD and the tree

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah! (My SFIL is Jewish and was here on a couple of days of Hanukkah, so my DD helped light the candles)

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Our family picture was literally at the last minute and it was taken with my cell phone. LOL! We had to pry the Nitendo DS out of my son's hands so that is why he has a forced smile on his face.

Lisa, your pics are adorable! I love the picture of your daughter in front of the tree. You can see the pure joy of Christmas on her face! Smile

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I am still here AND I have Christmas pictures!

but . . . I can't remember my photobucket log in info. :rolleyes:

Thanks for sharing your great family pics!

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Here are our kiddies on Christmas morning...

Our Christmas Facebook Album pics.

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LOL! Sally, your daughter's face is cracking me up. Looks like someone made her mad!

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That's the face she makes lately anytime the camera comes out or she sees someone she doesn't know.

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Nice pics. The holidays are always really busy for us. My parents were with us for Christmas, then we went to the in-laws in Palm Springs, and now we're at my my parents' house in the SF Bay Area. They have been having wireless problems so this is the first time I've been able to get internet on my laptop. I used to be able to post from my phone but for some reason haven't been able to since the board change. Hopefully after this weekend things will get back to normal and I can upload some pictures.

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I'm here too! I've lurked tons from my phone but its been so hectic around here I haven't been able to post.

TFS your christmas pics everyone! Sally- Clara's face is priceless! Grumpy toddler faces are the cutest!