it's my due date...

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it's my due date...

and I'll cry if I want to!!! I can't believe I made it to 40 weeks! I'm kinda impressed with myself - but goodness, couldn't we be done now???? Plus now the kids are all home for the next two weeks for the Sukkot holiday - normally I love having them around, and we do fun stuff and go to playgrounds and all sorts of things, but I am soooo not in the mood, and sooo tired and uncomfortable...
and the worst part is being so far away from my family! my IL's will come up and stay for a while, and I'm so grateful and we have a really solid relationship, but it's just not the same as my own mother...

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Sorry I feel for you. I am 9 days past my due date today, so I can sympathise completely. Hope you have better luck than me lol

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I am sorry. Hopefully your LO will make their apperance soon.

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Hang in there!!!! I hope your LO is in your arms VERY soon!

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I agree that the in-laws are so different from your own family. My mom stayed after DD was born for just 2 days, the in-laws were here for Owen. I was ready for the in-laws to leave after about an hour at home. I'm not comfy BF'ing in front of my FIL, so I had to retreat to my bedroom every 2 hours to feed Owen, plus I felt like I really should get up and get dressed first thing in the mornings since they were here. If it had been my own mom I'd have BF'd right in front of her (she even helped me with S) and I wouldn't have felt the need to get up and get a shower. It's just always more comfortable being around your own family.

Hope you go soon!

What is Sukkot holiday?

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You really are a long long way from family too! I hope it isnt much longer for you. How long will your Dr there let you go?

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:lurk: GOOD LUCK Ayelet!!!!!!! I've been stalking you Smile

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Hang in there! I know how it feels to hit your EDD and still have no baby. I hope you get to meet your LO soon!

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I hope that today's the day for you!

I also agree with inlaws not being the same. It breaks my heart my mom won't be here but it's too hard for my parents to travel. I'll go visit in two months but it seems a long time to wait.

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Thanks for the support ladies! I know that all of us who are still hanging on are feeling very similar... but as my MW put it today, the fact is that all this pre-labor and discomfort and pressure, etc... can only go in one direction even if we don't feel like believing that right now!

"rbrooks14332" wrote:

I agree that the in-laws are so different from your own family.

What is Sukkot holiday?

so fortunately, I don't feel uncomfortable bfing in front of anyone in my own home. I'm very discreet and I've found that people who are uncomfortable with it will avert their eyes or go to a different room. And I'm fine with that. I just don't make a big deal about it at all. And my FIL is no stranger to his daughter and daughters in law bfing, so we're all just cool on that. So I'm lucky for that. I'm sorry that you had such a hard time! that would be so annoying!

Sukkot is a week-long Jewish holiday that commemorates the protection that God gave the Israelites during the 40-year trek through the desert from Egypt to Israel. It also celebrates the harvest. So Jews all over the world build little huts outside their homes called a Sukkah and they eat and entertain and some even sleep in there for the duration of the festival. That's sort of a simplistic explanation, but I think it covers the main points!
There's actually a really cool 3 min video about sukkot that my good friend produced:

Hey Angela!!! congrats on pg #2!! how crazy is it that so many of our little sparklers are getting siblings?!?!

Jules - my MW is comfortable with the pregnancy progressing as long and baby and I are doing well. So far so good, so no time limits here!

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"tanismom" wrote:

my MW is comfortable with the pregnancy progressing as long and baby and I are doing well. So far so good, so no time limits here!

That's terrific! I wish more practitioners felt that way. Induction just because you went over your EDD by how ever much just makes no sense to me!

I'm going to have to keep the advice your MW gave you in mind myself! It's all headed toward something!