I've officially joined the club...

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I've officially joined the club...

of feeling like things will be easier when this LO is on the other side of my belly!

I know it would be different if DH wasn't in full on harvest mode now, and particularly this week working the night shift. But every day at around 3:30 is when my body starts to shut down and go into preparation mode. I get lots of pressure, and semi-regular ctrx for most of the evening and i just can't cope with anyone or anything!

I have a teenager from the neighborhood who comes to help from 5:30 to around 8pm but most of the time the kids won't let her do bedtime, so it's nice that she's straightening up, but I'm still sitting on their uncomfortable bed, having ctrx, sometimes rocking my 2 yr old, and it's so uncomfortable!!

had my 36 wk appt today. everything's good. we didn't do an internal, but we might do one next week just for curiosity. My feeling is that I've got 2.5 weeks to go, max - but anything can happen... I would just like to be able to handle life again, you know? NB I can handle, weeks of labor - not so much.

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Welcome to the club,lol. I thought I would be holding my LO by now and I am still here very pregnant! Just so anxious to hold my LO!!!

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I'm miserable too! I'm glad you are getting some help & had a good appt. I'm so wore out from DD by the end of the day that I wonder how I will do it again the next day.

I'm in the minority here though... I really don't want DS to come early. I still have so much I want/need to do. As miserable as I am, he needs to stay put!

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Yeah, I don't want him early because what's the fun of a scheduled c-section if you have to go into labor anyway...;)

But I am TOTALLY there with it will be easier when he's out of me. Over labor day weekend I was shopping with MIL and watching the girls play while I drank some water because I was having BHs and MIL said "I just don't know how you're going to do it with 3" and I said "well for starters, I'll be able to walk without wanting to die, so that has to be a positive" hahaha. I'm too tired and sore to do most anything all day and I know I'll be like that for a while, but I'm ready to find my "new" normal.

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I second that! I'm getting really anxious now for LO to be out and about!

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I'm getting into the I can't wait till she's here, but still convincing myself of how easy she is to take care of right now. I'm glad you're getting some help, and had a good appt. They'll be here before we know it Smile

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I am beyond ready for little one to be here...

even with as much running around as we do with sports and stuf I am just sooooooooooo uncomfortable right now that it sucks.

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I'm sorry you're feeling so yuckie! I'm not far enough along to want him out yet, but I am certainly praying that he won't be late and I don't have 6 or 7 more weeks of this! I am really feeling the 6th, which would put me right at 38.5 weeks. A girl can hope right?

I can relate with the pre-labor, and its the worst! I didn't really have it with my first and I just remember how much I enjoyed the end of my pregnancy! I loved every second of it, even with the swelling, heart burn and everything else!